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Welkom op, bienvenu à Sweet Gypsie Rose golden retrievers
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Pups van Pippa are almost ready to leave…….life is a rollercoaster…
Life's like a roller coaster. You can go straight up or down and hit rock bottom, things may turn in a way you don't expect, no one ever said it was easy.
You might even be nervous or scared along the way, but after the found that it was fun :) You might even want to do it again.

Movie Kate @ pups 2 wks volle melk…

Pippa's op 6 weken…..

Pippa s op 6 wkn
pippa 5 wks food
20 mei - 1
Met 7 in onze ,,
doglo….hmmm zaliggggg…….
NOW we drink water, eat puppy dog food, and look at each other: "who are you? Oh, you are like me?….."

Pippa kids 3wks 29 MEI16
Bommel of Sweet Gypsie Rose, our great love, a typical of Sweet Gypsie Rose golden dog!
Love him to bits…
Pippa hoofd
"Pippa" our great love, she likes to please every moment…..
Jason & Pippa dated 4 weeks ago….wait & see…
(Under) Super foto genomen door Martin (martimax)
Waarschijnlijk het beste hondenvoer voor puppy's en ook voor volwassen golden retrievers !
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